6-1. Damn.

Well the luck was going to run out sometime. You can't catch every bounce all season long. I'll take this loss as long as we take care of business against the Packers next Sunday. Which I think we will.

I hated the Favre signing because he's such a media-whore and everyone just wanted him to go away. Plus he's a 40 year-old QB coming off of surgery on his throwing arm, which looked like a horrible idea on paper, especially when you factor in the thousands of hits he's taken over his ridiculous 277 consecutive games started.

Well we're nearly halfway through the season and as much as it pains me to say it, I have to admit having Favre under center has been an absolute joy. Somehow he still has juice left in his cannon. Somehow he's turned Sidney Rice into Jerry Rice. Somehow he manages to come up with big third down conversions on a consistent basis. Somehow he forgot how to throw backbreaking interceptions into triple coverage. Somehow the Vikings have competency and talent at quarterback.

I will continue to wait for the other shoe to drop. I still believe Favre will not make it through the whole season without his arm falling off or his brain falling into a vicodin-induced coma. Call me a hater, I just got a gut feeling.

On a happier note I can't say I've ever enjoyed watching a Minnesota athlete (or any athlete really) more than AP. Not KG. Not Santana. Not Liriano circa 2006. Not even St. Paul's own Baby Jesus. (copyright Dan Barreiro) My. God. He's the perfect combination of speed, power and attitude. I wouldn't change one thing about him. He's an absolute monster and I love him.

Here's to Favre escaping both the wrath of the Lambeau rubes and the wrath Gods of Karma next week. Godspeed Favre, we need you.

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