TJack's Resurgence

Count me among those who were shocked to see Tavaris Jackson making plays last Sunday like Dante Culpepper circa 2004. It was unbelievable to see him lofting perfect rainbows to Berrian and zipping fastballs into Rice on separate TD passes. He even garnered the NFC Offensive Player of the Week award. Unreal. The first two games of the season my roomates and I were literally cringing every time he dropped back to pass, now he looks like the QB Chilly thought he was getting 2 years ago.

That being said, I'm not completely sold on TJack yet. His resurgance has been against the worst team of all time (Lions) and the Cardinals, who were obviously still seriously hung over from their division champion celebrations last week. His true test will come in the final two weeks of the season, when he faces a Falcons team battling for a playoff spot and a tough Giants pass defense. I want to believe, but the memories of him rocketing one hop line drives into the Metrodome turf are still too fresh. Make me a believer Tarvaris, because if you prove to be more than a poor-man's Michael Vick, (minus the dogfighting) the Vikings could go a long way in the playoffs.

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